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Luxury Goods London - Free Festivals -Art in 50 Words since MMVIII

The Cost of Art The Value of Art

The Meaning of Art The Role of Art

illusion of art

illusion of art

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illusion of art

Luxury Goods V- The Illusion of Art

The free five night fifty word art festival.

Following The Cost, The Value, The Meaning, & The Role of Art

Nightly Tues 26th- Sat 30th April 2011 7-12pm

The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, London, England

40 Pitfield Street N1 6EU

The bar has the best wine of any theatre bar in london (Guardian)

Free submission, admission & commission free.

We are inclusive!

Facebook Event Page

Facebook Group

We invite you to be part of a 5 night long program of multi-disciplined arts in our festival discussing the illusion of art as a luxury good. From outsider art to conceptual art and so on, all creative practices have a value invested in them that often vastly exceeds the artwork's actual material value. This luxury is what makes the process or end result something we might call an illusion But how far can we consider art as ‘illusion’? Is there illusion from artists and as people in the creative process of making and recognising work? Does illusion add value? Is it necessary in art-making? Is artistic expression an illusion?

The FREE five night fifty word international art festival. Nightly TUES 26th- SAT 30th APRIL 2011 7-12PM TUESDAY 26th April -The OPENING PARTY 7pm opens 7:15pm ALICE By Platform 88 (Paris) (théâtre corporel) 45 min 9:30-11:30 Rev NORM - spinning illusionary vinyl. 10:30pm Lonesome Cowboys from Hell with new line-up & special guest un-musicians, de-vocalists and vaudevillains (music) 12:00PM-3AM AFTER PARTY at Manero's, 232 kingsland Road E2 8AX WEDNESDAY 27th April –THE SYMPOSIUM + AROUSAL 7pm opens 8:00pm - Symposium on "The Illusion of Art" featuring Fabio Ciquera – Communication Strategist, Lecturer and Blogger. Tina Hibbins D.E.L.I.A. - Deconstructing Evolved Lies In Art. Dr Joe Hayes, Clinical Training Fellow, Department of Mental Health Sciences UCL Peter Kavanagh, Senior producer BBC Radio Drama Azu Nwagbogu, Chairman African Artists' Foundation, Nigeria Alex Chappel - Artist, film-maker, writer and director of Decima Gallery 10:30 Lisa Dillan (Norway) solo – 'Arousal' – part of her world tour supported by Nordisk Kulturfond, THURSDAY 28th April - MOVING IMAGE 7pm opens 7:30PM Wendy Stone "Turkish Delight" Monologue 8pm Tom Estes 'Rejuvenation' Live Art Performance 8:15pm Michael Lightborne "Cinema is rubbish." Video installation/wheelie bin. 8:30pm Frances and Dima, Ateliér Libušín. Czech Republic 'As if we were here - Take 2' Live Tagtool drawing over film footage' 9:30pm Ring Mod Orkestra aka Tim Flitcroft with Greta Lange and Random Marlon live electronics sound with vocalist performer and computer visual projectionsist 10:00pm -Shorts- Mathilde Nègre (Paris)-photomontage,"Under A Flesh Sky" ( Il faut qu'elles se rencontrent) Lill Anita Svendsen (Norway) "The Enigmatic Brain, a self-portrait and a tribute to science" Morrisa Maltz (USA)"Device Activated," Michael Bucknell & Kwok Pui Sai - "love (art)" 10:15 Helen Potschisvili (Georgia) "Khe" Experimental film 10:30 Tzang Merwyn Tong (Singapore) "V1K1 - A Techno Fairytale" Film (30 minutes)Lo Budget Indie Sci Fi Thriller 11:05 Laureana Toledo (mexico) (the name of this band is) The Limit (28 minutes) Art/Documentary FRIDAY 29th April – CREATION 7pm opens 8pm Alex Thomas solo duet develops around the recording of the recent past stored in a digital memory bank to be replayed 8:30 Jean Blanchaert , Milano Ana Milovanović, Serbia "KARL MARX IS ALIVE!" performance 9pm- Madame de la Cartomancer - Tarot reader 9:00 Friendly Fire (Direction: Remy Bertrand) "The Illusion of Art" 25 minutes stage performance for 6 to 30 performers (actors, dancers and musicians) 9:35 Listen Lisse - Bittersweet punk/folk 10:00pm Open Tractate Studio meets One Eyed Wayne a live music set while Patricio Bosich and Gus Gracey will paint a picture live. 11pm Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn -performance SATURDAY 30th April – THE GRAND FINALE -ART WHICH IS ALSO A DISCO 7pm opens 8pm-12pm Decima Gallery presents "ART WHICH IS ALSO A DISCO" with ARTWORLD DJ TROUPE THE ITCHY NIPPLEZ and SPECIAL INTERVENTIONS by THE DEAD PETS SOCIETY and AOIFE VAN LINDEN TOL INGRID Z! (DJ) DJ NANIGHT (Al's Explosive Roadshow)! (DJ) LIAM SCULLY! (DJ) DJ 1-9-9-1 (aka Calum F Kerr) (DJ) QUILLA CONSTANCE! (Vocals) VICKI GOLD! (Performance) MissForBid! (Performance) (aka Noz from AnarchistWood) MICALEF! (Vocals) ALEX FEAR! (Performance) LUCI LU! (Vocals) ASHLEY BAILEY! (Performance) Projections include ORIANA FOX! SARAH DOYLE! and ALEX CHAPPEL! Anonymous Disco Ball! Static Work by Jo Colvert, Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria), Fox Irving, Lisa McKendrick, Lill Anita Svendsen (norway),Harry Gilonis, Julienne Chan (Malaysia), D.E.L.I.A. - Deconstructing Evolved Lies In Art, Jo Green, thickandtastyxxx, Cristina Marignoli, Eve La Lune (Berlin), James Hudson, Helen Potschisvili, Jonathan Bradbury, Dr Joe Hayes, Martin Lau, Trevor Wood MBE, Professor Lawrence Kimmel, James Trew, Paul Jacob Naylor, Paul Edwards, Patricia Pisanelli, Jason Gibilaro, Anstice Oakeshott, Sarah Barrett, Michael Xuereb, Nicola Jayne, Oleg Tolstoy, Steve Rushton, Maryam Hashemi, Froso Papadimitriou, Lucía I. Garnelo, Lara Akrigg, Jomar de Vrind, Hannah Ferry, katya katkova, Huw Owen-Jones, Michael Bucknell, Kwok Pui Sai, Theodore Askew, James Hopkins, Danielle Hodson, Richard Starbuck, Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, The Kuntists, Sergey de Rocambole (Russia),Samuel Shove & Kesley Cage Website

All submissions should be accompanied with a 50 word text, explaining the illusion of art in whatever terms the artist wants. This could include the financial, emotional, physical, even spiritual illusion of producing a work of art. We only ask that the text be exactly 50 words, not 49, not 51, but 50 on the nose! Why? There is a correlation between affordablilty of art (its purchase, or its creation) and the sensation of constraint. Thus we ask our artists to explore this notion by constraining not their artwork to a budget, but their text to an exact word count. The text is to be exhibited alongside the work, and on the Luxury Goods London website. There will be a symposium, and you are welcome to submit artworks in any form you like: physical object, installation, film, performance....

for spaces and equipment available see links below.

We also have the staircase, corridor, and toilets.

If you would like to exhibit, perform, or participate in these or other forms, please submit- instructions below!


Please join our Facebook Group -


All submissions must be accompanied by a jpeg image, and an EXACTLY 50 word text on "The Illusion of Art" (any language) to be released under a creative commons license -to be added to the website and published in a book.

Please include Artist's Name, Work Title, Medium, Website, Email, Mobile Phone Number.

For performances/films please include timings.

We prefer videos under 5" long, performances under 25", and static works under 2 metres of wall space, but will attempt to accomodate all sumissions.

For Static works please specify price,size and fixing method (if any)

If you have requirements - eg PA/lighting/power socket please specify.

Static Work will need be installed on Monday 26th April 2011 7-10pm

Take Down Sunday 1st May 8-10pm

Please note that, while we will take every care, we can take no responsibility for damage or theft to work.

Submissions DEADLINE 28th Feburary 2011

please submit to

click for The Cost of Art, The Value of Art
or all the texts on The Meaning of Art